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January 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 45 The company also sells aftermarket accessories such as LED light bars. In addi- tion, it designs some parts that improve original equipment, such as a Dodge truck dash pad that replaces the OEM pad known for cracking. The catalog staff maintains a library of reference books filled with specifications of different cars, as well as books with motor vehicle production totals that aid in mak- ing marketing decisions about which mod- els are popular enough to reproduce parts for. For instance, LMC does not supply parts for MG T series cars of the 1940s and early '50s. It focuses on the MG Midgets, MGBs and MGB-GT models that were manufactured in much larger numbers. The information that goes into each of the company's 33 catalogs is carefully researched and a "master" version of each catalog is stored on a shelf in thick loose- leaf binders. These master catalogs are con- stantly updated on the basis of research and customer feedback. The masters are full of notes made about needed changes. LMC also prints a few how- to books to help those installing parts. This is the sports car retail store. The restored MGB is surrounded by parts and products the com- pany sells, a couple of dressed-up engines and a rack offering how-to books such as shop manuals and Haynes repair manuals. Some of the moderately large parts are stored on wooden pallets in this area. The largest parts, such as hood panels, are handled very carefully since they can easily be damaged. Although the bulk of the storage area is given over to a variety of trucks these days, there are a few sports cars, too. Trucks are about 75 percent of the business in terms of inventory. LMC recently started using a new type of packaging material that's designed to reduce damage. The mate- rials are also reusable in the case of returns. That saves the company some money over older materials.

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