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50 n Performance & Hotrod Business n January 2015 PERFORMANCE Enterprise Engine in Ohio. Dave also owned one of the first modified pulling trucks with high horsepower and set the bar for many to follow. Always willing to help others and do more for the sport, Dave was a true sports- man in the diesel motorsports world. The second year the award went to Nowel Thomas (aka HVAC) from California. Nowel help start the movement for diesel drag racing across the country when tracks would not let diesel trucks run for competition. Nowel was owner of Nowel Performance Diesel NorCal. And the Winner Is … This year's "Hall of Fame" recipient is Scott Bentz of Littleton, Colorado. Scott owned and operated one of the first diesel drag rails in the country, and set records in his rail in the 7s when no one was coming close to those numbers in the early 2000s. Scott would travel day and night to make it to diesel events across the coun- try in order to run in front of the crowds. His positive attitude toward life and the sport attracted and inspired many to fol- low after him in the business. He and his wife Inge live in Littleton, and Scott works for Cummins Rocky Mountain Division. He had to sell his rail for health reasons years ago, but still is quite active in the die- sel industry while working for Cummins. We hope to see Scott at some events or industry shows next year, and he will always be remembered as the first Top Diesel dragster in the business. He can always be found in the DIESEL Motorsports Hall of Fame in his blue and white diesel rail. Company Support Last year we also inducted a manufac- turer into the Hall for the first time. South Bend Clutch was chosen for its support of high-quality clutches for the sled pullers in our diesel market. The company has been in the indus- try from the beginning and stands behind every clutch it produces with a warranty that no one else comes close to. Peter Pyfer along with his brothers and sister took the shop over from their father and now produce clutches for diesel trucks, sport compacts and OE applications for Detroit. South Bend Clutch supports pretty much every diesel event in the country. There are a lot of people who are wor- thy of this distinguished award and it is not chosen lightly. Gene "Sleddy" Mohney of DIESEL Motorsports chooses the can- didates every year, since he has been in the business from the beginning. Then we let industry leaders discuss and choose the right candidate who has offered the most in DIESEL Motorsports. Keep in mind as a shop that you can make a difference when dealing with your diesel customer. Diesel enthusiasts are looking for honest and educated mechan- ics at local shops. Your reputation will be related to other diesel people and your business will thrive because of its quality of work. Yes there are a lot of people who make up the diesel community and there are many good people out there. Stick to quality and American-made products—it goes a long way with our diesel crowd; they will travel some distance to find the right person to work on their truck. Congratulations again to Scott, and please let me know if you have any candi- dates or companies you'd like us to con- sider for future induction into the Diesel Hall of Fame. Ron Knoch is president of DIESEL Motorsports (National Association of Diesel Motorsports), a sanc- tioning body formed in 2007 for diesels that promotes all diesel motorsports associations, clubs and events, and hosts diesel drag racing, sled pulling and dyno competitions. Learn more at Manseil Washburn of South Bend Clutch receives the first manufacturers' Hall of Fame award in 2013. Scott Bentz with his wife Inge at a race last year.

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