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S ometimes a monday morning call can be trouble. Most of the time it's a telemarketer, a bill collector, or my wife telling me I left my cell phone at home. But this particular day it was none of the above. On the other end of the phone was a voice I had not heard in over 40 years. The voice said, "J, this is Wayne Jesel. Are you still hand-painting?" "Of course," I said. "What can I do for you?" He went on to tell me that he and his brother Danny were going to replicate their original 1956 Chevy Sedan Delivery "Yoo-Hoo Too" drag car. He wanted to know if I would be inter- ested in lettering the car again. The original car could not be located, so they bought a recently restored 1956 Chevy sedan delivery to be the exact duplicate of the car I lettered back in 1966. (Apparently I was only five years old at the time… not!) The only stipulation was that I recreate it as close as I could to the original lettering (all paint). No problem. He said he could email me some pictures to go by. The pictures were—you guessed it—from 1966. But being the professional that I am, I fig- ured, "how hard could it be?" I was able to locate a few of the logos to copy, but for the most part I had to recreate everything from scratch. Here's the original "Yoo-Hoo Too" '56 Chevy Sedan Delivery from circa 1966. All the lettering was painted in the "BC" era (before comput- ers). This photo is all I had to help me repro- duce my 48-year-old lettering. HOTROD Recreating the look of a 1960s dragster. By Julian "Mr. J" Braet 66 n Performance & Hotrod Business n January 2015

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