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January 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 75 Jon's 1958 chopped Ford pickup. Jon chopped the roof himself and went through seven windshields before he was able to get one to fit, having to cut and grind them himself. The truck was almost done, but a fire at the shop ruined it, melting the lead in the frontend and cracking the seventh windshield. Jon completely redid the truck, turning it into this award- winning beauty. Jon has owned this truck for over 50 years. Jon demonstrates how to tape off a graphic. cracking, yellowing and dulling of the finish over time. The new acrylics were being developed and as soon as they came out with those new toners, Jon ran down and bought up all he could, hoping the new product would maintain its gloss longer and be crack-resistant. But as it turned out, the pigments were junk, as the good pigments did not work with the plastic resins. The "dirty" inorganic or iron oxide were the only ones that worked with the plastics. Jon thought his career was over as the crisp, clean colors were gone. But he was deter- mined to find a way to get the good pigments to work with the plastic resins. Through his wife Patty, he met a chemist who was work- ing on that very same problem. Jon got in on the ground floor with him and with his help, Jon was one of the first to use the pure organic pigments with the new plastic resins. Every paint company mixes both organics and inorganic to save money. But Jon's paint achieved that clean, clear distinctive look by using only the pure organics and was the first company in the world to do that. Jon never intended to sell the paint to anyone; he just wanted to build the best paint he could. But with his new paint technology, Jon found himself in the paint business and never looked back. Brutal Lessons Yet the real challenge was running a company. He put everything he owned on the line: his home, equipment, shop building. The bank had a piece of everything he owned and One of the grinders Jon used to create his paint. Jon with one of the two Ariel Square Fours he owned.

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