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84 I WRAPS I 2015 F av o r i t e t e c h n i q u e s • Hood—The hood was pr inted horizontally. • Back—Two vertical panels with the overlap placed between the doors. One more tweak was added during the tiling process: the panels were labeled during printing. What it Means for Production So what does the tiling of the van in this way mean for production? It means that the only panel that had to be trimmed exactly was the one side of each horizontal panel being overlapped in the recessed area. All the other panels could be rolled up with no trimming. Since the panels were labeled in the print it also means the production department can skip the step of doing this on each panel with a sharpie or wax pencil. Leaving the white trim on all four sides allows the installer to make the panel straight and centered quickly and accurately. Leaving the trim on the side of the back panel allows the installer to match it up to the vertical edge of the door, which makes the panel instantly straight.

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