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2015 I WRAPS I 89 I find that if I take a few extra minutes to get all of my graphics, tools, prep materials, and layout together, it will save me time on the install. When it comes to tools, I make sure that I have everything I need in my tool pouch, including extra knives and squeegees, and up at my working level so I don't have to get down unless I am ready to do so. Something else that I do on almost every install is to pre- stage my graphic panels. When I pre-stage my graphics, I will take them and roll them into individual panels and put them in the general area where they will be used. When I do this, I avoid wasting time running around the shop looking for the next panel to install. The best way I have to illustrate this is when I am working on a semitrailer. Starting at the rear of the trailer, I load my ladders with the first three panels up to the level I will be working. The next three panels will be loaded on the lower rungs. I start by installing my panels but I will not finish installing the panels all the way down. If you only install what you can reach while you are up on the walk board, you minimize your trips up and down the ladder. This is a big time saver. I actually leave the bottom quarter of each panel uninstalled until I get down the full length of the trailer. Once you get the top three quarters of the first three panels installed, you can move your ladders and walk board to the next section.

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