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2015 WRAPS

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100 I WRAPS I 2015 F av o r i t e t e c h n i q u e s The fleet of trucks we're currently wrapping have a lot of solid green in the background with minimal text and objects to ensure aligning as we go. In this case we also add a few tape marks on the overlapping side as well to help ensure that our panel remains even on both sides. If you don't want to use tape you could also use a wax pencil to mark the edge and then go back and clean the marks off after installation. the top hinge You could create a top hinge at the very top of the panel and then apply down, but we've found that applying a small section, about 6" to 8" first ensures better alignment. The tops of the trucks tend to have a narrow strip of metal that is fairly slick and often has a strip of rivets. With our overlap this isn't an ideal piece to tape directly to. On vans and cars there is often a rain channel or other obstacle that makes it difficult to tape right at the top. We move down the six inches or so, and put a long piece of tape on each side. The top section is then flipped down and we peel the backing paper away from the graphics and cut it off. Gripping each side of this small section, we pull it up and lightly tack it in each corner while creating a smooth surface with even tension. This top section is then squeegeed in place, creating a large top hinge that holds the panel in place. Step 4: Applying a small section of graphics at the top of the panel— creating a secure hinge—helps to ensure a straighter application. Step 3: To ensure the panels are going on straight, mark the edge of the graphic with small pieces of tape before starting the application.

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