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2015 I WRAPS I 101 The Application With this top section squeegeed in place you have a couple options as you move onto applying the bottom section. You can reach behind the graphic on both sides and pull it straight down, exposing another two feet or so of vinyl, and start squeegeeing the graphics with the excess hanging down. You can also roll up the hanging graphics, peeling back a large section, and then drop the excess graphics down. Sometimes this method provides a little more control as you're peeling back the backing paper. With either method we make sure that as we progress down the panel that the graphics stay lined up with our tape marks along the side. When applying over standard sized rivets it's important to apply right over them like they're not there. Obsessing over each rivet as you go will just cause wrinkles. Once you're over it then you can go back and gently squeegee the graphics up around the rivets. This will leave small pockets of air around each rivet that you can later go back and form. Step 5: Roll up the rest of the graphics and then pull down the backing paper for better control as you're applying. Step 6: Using one hand, slightly pull down on the hanging graphics to create an even tension as you apply. Watching your alignment and smoothing the graphics around the rivets as you go helps to create a smoother application and speeds up the finishing work.

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