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102 I WRAPS I 2015 F av o r i t e t e c h n i q u e s the next Panel Moving onto the next panel, we tape it in place just like the first panel, checking that any text or objects align to the first panel while maintaining an even overlap all the way down. Tape marks are again added to at least one side to double check we're applying evenly. We also measure any text to be sure we're staying even across. We do this on each panel as we go. We always start each panel at the same spot at the top of the truck even though you will often find that text or objects, especially on the bottom half of the panel, will appear slightly higher than the panel you're aligning to. The reason for this is that as you're applying the first panel, and each subsequent panel, you slightly pull the panel to maintain tension. It may be a very slight pressure but it can easily cause the graphics to stretch and be 1/8" to 1/4" lower. If you start your panel at the same point at the top and put the same amount of tension on the panel you will make up that slight difference by the time you apply the graphics. So you start at the same point, make sure your overlap left to right falls in the right place and leave the graphics on the bottom half or so of the panel slightly higher, knowing that they will line up once you apply down to that point. Finishing The tape-and-align method continues all the way down the vehicle. Once we reach the other end of the truck we should have approximately the same overlap left to right that we had when we started. We like to squeegee up to the rivets and along the edges as we go. Once the panels are all in place we poke a few small holes around each rivet and using heat and a rivet forming tool we press the graphics around the rivets. Step 7: Each additional panel should start at the same spot at the top and should overlap by a consistent amount onto the previously installed panel. Text or objects on the new panel may be slightly higher than the installed panel but should even up during application.

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