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2015 I WRAPS I 103 Once the rivets are all in place we then carefully cut any vertical seams that run next to the rivets. If you trimmed these seams before forming the rivets, the graphics can pull back from the edge as the graphics are pressed over the rivet, exposing the truck underneath. A good post-heat is done as we go but especially along the bottom, top and sides of the truck. Once it's been thoroughly heated, we trim out the graphics around the perimeter. Often there will be a bead of silicon all the way around. The graphics won't stick long term to the silicone so we trim up to it in a straight line. Step 8: Every panel is aligned and installed the same way and should have the same overlap as you started with. If you have photos that are too high of a resolution to attach, please send them separately to Be a Part of the Top Signage Publication in the Industry Showcase your work in Sign & Digital Graphics. Share with us your best vehicle, building, watercraft and specialty wraps and we'll get them published in the magazine as soon as we can. Don't let that masterful job go underappreciated. Simply go to our website wrap-submission and fill out the requested information and attach your photos where prompted and we'll take care of everything. We can't wait to see what you have to show us. Wraps Submissions:

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