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110 I WRAPS I 2015 Even the level of static created when removing the release liner from the film is sufficient to attract loose dirt from the surroundings and result in unsightly blemishes in the finished installation. Dry sweeping the shop floor is imperative and it is highly recommended to follow that with a wet mop prior to bringing in a vehicle. It is tempting to start wrapping and skip this key step of shop cleaning. Just be aware of the consequence of inconsistent application and vinyl performance when the car is out in the environment. A Clean Car is a Good Car From the vehicle's point of view, it must be washed first and not waxed prior to being in the clean shop. Detailed cleaning from top to bottom, corner to corner is necessary using an isopropyl alcohol/ water mixture and a lint-free cloth. Dust collected from the grill also needs to be loosened and removed or it will contaminate the adhesive side of the film during installation and cause additional problems down the installation road. Wheel well areas are also trouble spots where tar and other grimy dirt collects over time. Because of this, the wheel wells may require a more aggressive cleaner such as Goo Be Gone to remove all the dirt and debris. Strong cleaners can be used in certain cases to remove the embedded dirt sometimes found on older paint that may have undergone some oxidation resulting in a surface that shows embedded dirt and/or "claying" on the surface. If anything, wrap films extenuate underlying surface texture defects, so starting with a clean surface is paramount. After every surface is cleaned, follow up with a quick wipe of isopropyl alcohol/ water right before installation. It is not recommended to wrap over an area that has embedded dirt or shows claying from oxidation because those defects will appear much more obvious once the vehicle is wrapped. High-Skill Installs A full-wrap color-change film installation requires perhaps the most advanced level of skill when compared to wraps for walls, fleet sides or standard full-print vehicle T o o l S & e q u I p m e n T Wrapped in Arlon's Ultimate PremiumPlus Heatwave by ReMark Studio. Wrapped in Arlon's DPF 4600LX by Turbo Images. Wrapped in Arlon's DPF 6000XRP by Sticker Dude Design.

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