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2015 I WRAPS I 135 Printers, Cutters and inks adVanCed HiGH-sPeed Printer roland dGa, Irvine, California, introduces the VersaEXPRESS RF-640, an advanced, high-speed large-format inkjet printer offering exceptional print quality and unsurpassed production capability at an extremely affordable price. Roland's RF-640 in- corporates a state-of-the-art gold-plated printhead, a robust take-up system, innovative features and high-density Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks to deliver superior graphic results while maximizing output, ease-of- use and efficiency. Roland's Intelligent Pass Control system precisely controls dot placement and ensures rich prints with virtually no banding. The RF-640 prints at speeds of up to 521.9 square feet an hour, with an ink savings of up to 20 percent compared to previous models. Productivity is en- hanced by the RF-640's new Roland Ink Switching System, which supports continuous, unattended printing. Also, Roland's Printer Assist system en- ables the user to manage production, test printing and cleaning functions directly from an iPad tablet. Priced at $16,995, the VersaEXPRESS RF-640 is available now through authorized Roland dealers. For more information, visit duaL staGGered PrintHeads Mutoh america, Phoenix, introduces the new ValueJet X-Series of eco-solvent printers. The Val- ueJet 1638X and 1638WX 64" are high-production printers equipped with dual staggered printheads and production speeds more than 1,000 square feet an hour. "Smart Printing" features include the ValueJet Status Monitor (VSM) for remote printer management, Intelligent Interweave print technique that eliminates banding and ColorVerify for process control and color management. The four-color drop-on-demand variable dot print technology ensures high quality images and an incredible color gamut rivaling that of six color printers. Both of these new models can also be managed remotely through the ValueJet Status Monitor (VSM) mobile application letting operators know what is happen- ing with the printer even when they aren't in the shop. Priced with an MSRP of only $27,995 each, the new ValueJet 1638X and 1638WX printers are a great value for any shop that is looking to increase productivity and improve workflow efficiency. For more information, visit LateX Printers FrOM riCOH ricoh usa, Malvern, Pennsylvania, introduces the RICOH Pro L4160 and RICOH Pro L4130, new large format roll-to-roll inkjet printers that employ aque- ous latex ink—a more environmentally-friendly ink as compared to traditional petroleum-based inks due to its lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The printers deliver high print productivity and quality as a result of technologi- cal innovations, which include the use of Ricoh piezoelectric printheads. The printers handle media sizes up to 63.8" (L4160), or 54" (L4130) wide, and support up to seven colors in various configurations, including orange, green and white inks in addition to CMYK. Additionally, the L4100 series—Ricoh's first entry into wide-format graph- ics—accepts a broad range of heat-sensitive media, which make the L4100 series a smart choice for customers. Ricoh latex inks offer out- door durability of one to two years, or two to three years with lamination. With white ink, printers' clients benefit from brilliant color on all substrates. For more information, visit HP LaunCHes LateX 300 series Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, California, introduces the HP Latex 300 Printer series designed to help sign shops, quick printers and small to medium print service providers expand their large-format printing capabilities. The HP Latex 300 series (HP Latex 310, HP Latex 330 and HP Latex 360) is powered by third-generation, water-based HP Latex ink technology and integrates many of the new technologies and efficiencies that are built into HP's industrial-grade 126"-wide HP Latex 3000 Printer that was introduced last year. The entry-level, 54" HP Latex 310 offers the benefits of HP Latex in a compact model with front-media loading to maximize the production area. The 64"- wide HP Latex 330 combines application versatil- ity with affordability, handling larger, heavier rolls and printing up to 538 ft 2 /hr. The higher-volume, 64"-wide HP Latex 360 Printer prints up to 978 ft 2 /hr. and increases application versatility with an ink collector for porous textiles. The printer also features automatic front-to-back registration for printing double-sided banners. For more informa- tion, visit PrOduCtiOn-sPeed eCO-sOLVent Mimaki usa, Suwanee, Georgia, introduces the JV300 Series of production-speed eco-solvent printers. The JV300 Series made its U.S. debut at The NBM B.I.G. Show in Indianapolis, Ind., on June 12. Available in two models—the 53" JV300-130 and the 64" JV300-160—the printers include eight ink channels accepting Mimaki's SS21 fast- drying eco-solvent inks (dye-sub inks also avail- able). This workhorse printer offers print speeds of up to 1,140 sq/ft/hr (JV300-160), and resolutions of up to 720 x 1140 dpi. Features include newly developed staggered variable-dot printheads employing MAPS-III technology. The Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) reduces ink and media waste, and downtime, and the Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) enables continued productivity by assigning oper- ational nozzles as substitutes until an outage can be cleared. In addition, every Mimaki JV300 Series printer ships with the Mimaki Bulk Ink System-III (MBIS-III). The Mimaki JV300 Series printers carry a starting list price of $22,995 (JV300-150) and $25,995 (JV300-160). For more information, visit HYBrid sOLVent uV Printer Fujifilm north america, Kansas City, introduces the Vybrant F1600, a 1.6m roll-to-roll hybrid solvent/UV printer aimed at the sign industry. The device is based on Mimaki's JV400-160SUV printer, but features Fujifilm's own patented FUZE hybrid UV ink technology. The UV component of the ink produces a durable ink film with strong scratch resistance, while an eco-solvent carrier results in low ink build and improved handling. Thanks to the UV curing capability, no de-gassing time is required, and substrates can be finished and shipped immediately after print. The Vybrant F1600 is a four-color CMYK machine with a pro- ductivity of up to 18.0 m 2 /hour and guarantees ad- hesion to a wide range of substrates. The device is ideal for printing vinyl or any other flexible materi- als to create indoor or outdoor applications where durability and quick delivery times are key. The combination of UV chemistry with an eco-solvent carrier offers vivid color reproduction, resulting in a smooth glossy print. For more information, visit

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