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16 I WRAPS I 2015 B u s i n e s s & s a l e s been hired or an existing professional simply wishes to better his or her skills, shops are regularly seeking out educational opportunities. Many product manufacturers already have their own structured training programs that may include bestowing a certification title upon the installer at the end of training. There are other options that are more "on- the-fly" types of educational experiences such as trade show demonstrations or website/newsletter videos. In CHART D, you will notice where wrap shops find the most value in their training from a logistical standpoint. The question was posed, "How do you prefer to receive your wraps training?" And over half of the respondents chose a local supplier's class. Wrappers want to improve in any way possible—note that only two percent have no interest in training programs. They constantly seek progression because ultimately that extra installation trick, or product cost-saver, or other significant advantage will add to their bottom lines. From a cost- and time-trimming perspective, results show that videos also work well for 22 percent of shops as a means to further their wraps education. Video resources can be found on sites such as Traditionally, training programs have united wrappers of all backgrounds in an effort to gain more comfort and insight into the design, print and installation practices. Formal training also allows those with less industry know-how to experiment with multiple products and determine which produces the best results for them. As wrappers become more advanced, they may look at other ways of getting involved in the industry. This includes practicing alternative approaches in their own shops, having in-depth conversations and meetings with colleagues, or sharing their work though media outlets. Along those lines, when asked to choose everything that is important to their shops, four options were given and the results were recorded in CHART E. A decisive 93 percent of respondents said they value "trying new techniques and products." This reveals that wraps professionals are eager to learn about becoming more successful and efficient, but that they also place emphasis on product perfor mance and the new technologies that arise. They want to be on the forefront of the industry and are constantly looking to hone their craft. How do they gain an edge? By implementing new products—whether that is a quicker printer, more manageable vinyl, or more accurate ink color—wrap shops can stay ahead of the curve and offer services that the competition may not. While trying new techniques and products is obviously very important, wrap contests—as seen throughout the industry at trade shows and on websites —are viewed as less important. Only 13 percent of shops list "competing in wrap contests" as an area of importance. Wrappers are busy people and must find ways to capitalize on their resources and build their businesses in the most effective way. So, though it might be a nice achievement to win a wraps contest— and it could provide some exposure for the shop to participate—there are other activities of more importance according to this study. For example, more than 40 percent more respondents value installer certification over wrap contest competitions. Similarly, networking in the industry was viewed as important to 65 percent of those interviewed—there are numerous ways for wraps professionals to interact in the wraps community, whether it be at a trade show such as WRAPSCON, at a local training class, or through an industry website. Product usage Trends While technology continues to advance, and wrap shops incor porate new manufacturer-suggested products and practices into their businesses, more opportunities begin to arise. Taking into consideration that vehicle wraps are not just being used for brand identification these days, individuals are looking for ways to restyle their automobiles for a more visually-stimulating appearance that also provides adequate outer- body protection. At manufacturer's site At a local supplier's class Training video At a tradeshow No interest 22% 2% 15% 4% 57% Becoming a certified installer Competing in wrap contests Networking in industry Trying new techniques /products 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 60.0% 70.0% 80.0% 90.0% 100.0% 13.3% 56.7% 65.0% 93.3%

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