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30 I WRAPS I 2015 B u s i n e s s & s a l e s The automotive after market is a tremendous market with unbelievable size and scope. It's a worldwide market to be accurate. So when you think of your vinyl company, you may be focused on business-to-business opportunities like commercial decals, signs and wraps. But don't rule out the automotive aftermarket. Have you considered that avenue for your vinyl printing and installing ability? some Perspective To help put this into perspective, think about how many people you know who own a business. Now think about how many people who own a car, truck or both. The market for vinyl is much, much larger through the aftermarket than it ever will be for signs or commercial vehicle wraps. Shoot, everyone owns at least one vehicle though not nearly as many own a business that can benefit from a wrap or partial wrap. This automotive aftermarket has always been a strong market, but in the past 15 years or so it has changed. However, the decal kit producers haven't changed with it. That leaves an opening that, if properly addressed, could ensure strong profits. So why haven't producers adapted to the growth of the aftermarket? What to Blame Can't blame it on the economy; this downward trend started about 15 years ago. Can't blame it on durability of the images; todays vinyl is better than any produced and marketed back then. Can't blame it on the public, they still like individuality and custom looks. So what happened? Change didn't happen, and that is the number one reason why this market segment stumbled and then went on a long decline to present day levels. So what is this change that didn't happen you might want to know. It's simple: the big vinyl converters didn't change with the market, but instead kept on beating the same drum, expecting it to work like it did before. Expecting people to see the graphics, fall for them and end up getting them—but it didn't happen. The old look with a slightly new shape was no longer appealing and the decal kit market died on the vine. Motorcycle enthusiasts represent another segment where people are eager to purchase a new look for motorcycles, including this three-wheeler. Racing themes are alive and well in SEMA. Boat owners are also big into graphics that let the world know what they like to do.

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