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2015 I WRAPS I 31 The main reason the converters kept on selling the same stuff is largely because of their tooling setup. Printing kits on sheets that made the graphics nest well and came out of the sheets as efficiently as possible to insure profits. But putting a new shape on the same-old-same-old look didn't work for very long, and the automotive graphics aftermarket continued to decline. It's not that people don't like custom artwork on their vehicles anymore; it's the artwork itself that turned them off. It was yesterday's look and it's more profitable to market the next big thing. However, you have to produce or print the next big thing for that to happen and most importantly, you have to market it. To be fair, and without naming names, suffice it to say the vinyl industry went through a major change about 20 years ago. Plotters came on the market and that was followed years later by thermal resin transfer printers which eventually gave way to inkjet printers and ink- receptive vinyl. Suddenly the very market the converters were selling into became small converters themselves. The difference is with printing on demand by the individual shops, and cutting on demand the market evolved into a just- for-me market and everything changed. In my opinion, the only thing standing between you and any market you want to exploit is the artwork. With the right artwork people want the decals, graphics and wraps. Without the right artwork, people simply aren't interested for any price, and the industry dies. Increase your Profits So with your equipment, your install abilities and perseverance you too could be increasing your profits from the huge automotive aftermarket. Next November attend the SEMA show to see what I'm talking about. Then think to yourself: If these restyled vehicles get this kind of attention at this show, why wouldn't they get the same attention in my home town? If you think that way, you would be right.

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