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38 I WRAPS I 2015 my training partner Mike Zick and I both use to show students just how important experience can be. You want someone who can understand the scientific side and show how it applies to the installs. This kind of knowledge can be easily passed on to the students. Put simply, real world knowledge makes for a better instructor. Other considerations include how well you "click" with the instructor, their teaching style and how well you retain the information they give you. References are a must if you truly want to get the most out of your training and trainer. Don't be afraid to ask for testimonials from past students. This can give you a good look into what you will get out of your training investment and the instructor. If they can't provide references, you might want to question your choice. Certifications Whether a program offers some kind of official certification is another way to potentially choose a course and instructor. Most of the major graphics manufacturers have a certification program for installers and trainers. A certification, however, doesn't always show weather a trainer or installer knows what he or she is doing. Making the choice on the best training program and trainer is a decision best made using several factors, not just one. Too Many Choices Way to many choices exist when it comes to finding qualified trainers and courses that fit your needs. The best way is to first determine your wraps education needs and then to search the various programs and consider instructor experience, content, price, location and references to make your final determination. Using a well-rounded approach and applying the guidelines outlined above, you will no doubt find something that works for you and your company. Training used to be something of a luxury that wasn't always needed. But with the ever-changing materials, substrates and techniques—today training is a must. B u s i n e s s & s a l e s Testing evaluation with trainers Mike Zick and Marcio Oliveira Trainer Marcio Oliveira (left) shakes hands with Brad Ivey of Rockwall Wraps, the first preferred installer to graduate from the Dallas Training and testing facility. Trainer Jeff Wagner grading the HHR bumper Mike Zick grading a flat wall graphic application.

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