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42 I WRAPS I 2015 I had lost a large chunk of business, he asked if I would be interested in becoming a SmartWrap deale—where SmartWrap would design, print, and ship vehicle wraps to us—and we would install them." SmartShield had recently expanded its PPF business to include vehicle wraps, and this expansion soon outgrew its PPF business, resulting in the formation of SmartWrap as a separate business entity. Giving Wraps a Try As a small business owner with an excellent reputation, Cluff was cautious at first. "I liked the idea of offering wraps, but I didn't want to be seen as a non-expert who was simply peddling someone else's product," Cluff says. "Nor did I want to be seen as passing myself off as an expert, only to quietly outsource the work to someone else. And, we had lots of questions: How do we price it? How do we sell it? Can we learn to install vinyl? Can we become experts?" After talking back and forth with Hilcove for a few months, Cluff decided to give wraps a try. "There was virtually no financial risk involved," he says. "We didn't have to outlay capital or borrow money to buy printers, laminators or design computers. We didn't have to hire a designer. And people at SmartWrap answered all our questions—they gave us help at every point we asked for it." Getting Started Getting started was simple enough. Cluff and an employee underwent three days of installation training in Phoenix and came home to try the process out. "We worked online directly with a SmartWrap designer to create a complete wrap for one of our own company vehicles, a full-size Ford van. We loved the interactive online revision and proofing system. When we successfully completed our van wrap—on the first try—we were so excited about how our van looked, everyone in the shop loaded up and we went for a drive." Cluff says that getting their first wrap clients was also quite simple. "We didn't have an outside sales person, and I didn't really have time to go out and beat the bushes for wrap jobs," he says. "So, I simply started letting my clients know we were offering wraps." At lunch-time one day, Cluff stopped to show his newly wrapped company van to the fleet sales manager at the very dealership he had lost the PPF business to. Within a couple of weeks, the dealership manager sold a cargo van and referred the customer to Transguard for a wrap. "From a single referral, we have now wrapped 26 vehicles for that cargo-van client," says Cluff. We Don't See it as Outsourcing When asked how his clients have reacted to Transguard using an outside source for wrap design and printing, Cluff says, "We sell our offsite relationship with SmartWrap as an absolute positive. We don't see it as outsourcing, we see it as giving our clients direct access to highly specialized design and printing expertise that we would not be able to offer ourselves." Transguard even sells its offsite relationship as an advantage to clients who wonder if using a local sign shop would be better. "All sign shops have a graphics person," says Cluff. "But few of them specialize in messaging and design specifically for vehicles. Using a focused expert like SmartWrap allows us to offer more than just logos or lists of services printed on vinyl—it enables us to offer our clients true advertising expertise with our wraps." B u S i n e S S & S a l e S The SmartWrap wraps shop.

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