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54 I WRAPS I 2015 If you just want the percentage so you can scale one image, then note the percentage on the Transform tool. Click off that tool. Now click on the photo you want to scale and go back to the Transform tool and enter the percent you need to achieve actual size. Now the photo is scaled and you're ready to start setting up the masked areas. The first thing I do is to draw Quick Boxes in the areas that we are not wrapping. Once we've designated the areas not covered we better define those boxes to improve the presentation. This is usually just some quick rounded areas or moved points so that the non-wrapped areas are clearly defined. You'll need to convert any boxes or circles to outlines so that you can move points. Once all the non-wrapped areas are defined with a bunch of boxes and other objects we have to group them all together (see Figure 4). We click on all the pieces that will create the mask and then go to Arrange > Group or CTRL + G (Command + G on a Mac). D e s i g n Figure 3 To set up the masked areas, draw Quick Boxes in the areas that we are not wrapping and then define those boxes. Figure 4 After the non-wrapped areas are defined, group them all together.

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