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58 I WRAPS I 2015 B y D a l e D u n n i h o o Dale Dunnihoo owns and operates the Intelligent Design Studio in Mobile, Alabama. Since 1997 he has trained hundreds of professional business owners and designers. He can be reached at V ectors are points in two-dimensional space that we view in the X/Y axis on our computer screens. Pixels are picture elements. They are the smallest squares that hold color information in a bitmap image matrix, which we also view in the X/Y axis of our computer screens. Polygons are planes in 3D space that can be viewed in the X, Y and Z axis, and they too can hold color information. These planes are built by connecting points in 3D space with edges to form the faces, so it is correct to say they are built with vectors and can be wrapped with bitmaps. But they are so much more... D e s i g n - 3 D e f f e c t s - From point to pixel to polygon, 3D modeling has it goin' on

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