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2015 I WRAPS I 61 Now take a ball of polygon "clay" and begin to push and pull the polys. If you draw with vectors and paint with pixels, it's fair to say you are sculpting with polys. To make it easier, you can place images in the background and use them like tracing paper to help you create the shape. If you place a reference image to help you sculpt the front of the face and another one from the side, it makes it very easy to create the sculpture. In just a few minutes you have an original character. Add eyes and teeth and wrap him with a Photoshop texture and you have a Litterbug. Select a row of pixels on the top of his head and click the "hair" key. Repeat for his eyebrows. Build his hand the same way and finish one finger with a nail. Duplicate it three times to complete the hand. Duplicate the entire hand and increase the size to create the hobo glove. Delete the fingertips to reveal the fingertips. Extrude the arm to complete. Duplicate it to form the arms on the side. Select both arms and click the "mirror" key to create the arms on the other side of his body. Finish your bug with legs, shoes and a vest.

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