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4 I WRAPS I 2015 64 Wrapping for the Stars If you're doing wraps for high-profile clients, you have to be the best By Paula Aven Gladych 68 A True Thing of Beauty A custom McLaren MP4-12c supercar gets a radical new look By Steve Carney 76 Wraps Around the World Considering the unique ways that wraps are perceived and installed in different countries By Justin Pate 82 Print Element Installs How to use elements in the print to match up with bodylines By Justin Pate 88 Increasing Install Efficiency Pre-staging graphics can lead to faster installs By Mike Zick 92 Beating the Antenna A cool way to perfectly wrap around an antenna base By Dallas Fowler 96 Faster Wall Wrap Installations Using this technique could cut your wall wrap time in half By Jeff Wagner 98 Wrap In Panels How to wrap a box truck by yourself By Charity Jackson 104 Finding the Right Printer A number-crunching system for finding the printer that best fits your needs By Dave King 108 Deep Inside Color-Change Films Install advice for a trending area of the wraps industry By Kelly Kwo 112 Finding the Finest Film Knowing film characteristics can help you choose the right film for the right job By Molly Waters 116 Working With Specialty Films What to do with all the unique films available today By Albert Hatfield 122 Wrap Vinyl Resource Guide 132 Wraps Training Resources 134 Wraps Essentials Must-have products for your wraps business 138 Two-Wheeled Wraps Table of Contents Wraps 2015 p r o d u c t i o n & i n s ta l l at i o n F av o r i t e t e c h n i q u e s t o o l s & e q u i p m e n t | r e s o u r c e s | | s h o w c a s e | The Sleeping Giant, page 26 Location-Based Pricing Strategies, page 20

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