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2015 I WRAPS I 81 There the focus is mainly on single-color wraps with cut vinyl shapes or text on top. In the U.S., full-print wraps have been king, but single color wraps are really coming on strong and are starting to change the marketplace. The economic crisis/recession that the world has been dealing with since 2008 has really affected Ireland, and slowed down its car wrap market significantly. Yet, as the economy has turned around, car wrapping has really taken off again. Interestingly, despite what's happening in the rest of Europe, single color wraps in Ireland are not established at all. The vast majority of work being done there is for full-print wraps. Australia enjoys a ver y healthy marketplace for signage of all levels. The quality of installers there is quite high; and full print and single color car wraps are being applied in equal measure. Oddly enough, the wrap market in Japan is still in its infancy and is just starting to catch on. I think the potential for growth there is very high. In Brazil, despite the fact that the calendered films used there is often difficult to work with, there is a huge passion for wrapping. Out of all the sign shows I do, the energy of the crowds and installers wrapping at shows in Brazil is though the roof. TV, radio and newspapers cover the events and the installers at the workshops are fully into the whole concept and lifestyle. Universal Observations Despite all the large and subtle differences in the wrap industry worldwide, I have two observations that are universal. The quality of installers worldwide has gotten much better over the years. One of the first things I check out when I'm in a new city and country is the quality of wraps on the airport/hotel shuttle busses. Five years ago they were often horrible, with peeling window perf, poor registration, fingering on the compound curves and so on. Today, I am seeing much higher quality on those shuttles, which tells me the installers overall are getting better, which is a great sign for the industry moving forward. That said, from talking with sign shop owners or install crews across the world, there is a still a massive need for qualified car wrap installers. Most installers can wrap walls/windows on a daily basis; but to pump out high-quality, durable car wraps is still something that needs to be addressed in the industry because I see a pronounced gap there. Too many installers still cannot master wrinkle-free corners and durable curves like those needed to wrap mirrors and bumpers. These skills are especially important for color-change wraps where the quality and durability has to be super high. The potential for growth is there, so with a push toward quality among car wrap installers worldwide, the differences (and similarities) in car wrap styles worldwide will become even more pronounced. A good example of a Dutch wraps workshop. The facility includes skylights, a good heater, side lighting, a cutting table, a high garage door and even a kitchen. Fleets are king in Europe. The leasing companies tend to drive the concept, and the sale.

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