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WHEN MUSCLE 4X4 A perfect storm is brewing in the light-duty truck industry. Fuel prices continue to fall while many truck manufacturers have upgraded and enhanced their model lineups with lighter, more durable designs that offer a dizzying display of power, capability and efficiency. It's a match made in heaven for truck restyling and accessory professionals. For the folks at 3dCarbon, along with their partners at Air Design, the time is right to ride the current wave of good fortune by rolling out a full slate of new, eye-popping designs and practical acces- sories meant to turn ordinary, around- the-town working rigs into ramped-up pickups that influence shock and awe. Already well known for its long list of dramatically stylized muscle car designs— launched when 3dCarbon introduced the award-winning 2004 Ford Mustang "Boy Racer" kit and accessories—the company's leadership decided during the past few years to expand their reach into the truck business. That decision appears ready to pay off in a big way. "The muscle car market has been kind of flat over the past few years and we weren't seeing a lot of growth," says Ernie Bunnell, who co-founded 3dCarbon with partners Billy Longfellow and Joseph Moran in 2004. "We needed more growth and we weren't seeing it in muscle cars because it's a pretty limited and specialized market. Most muscle cars are second or third vehicles, so they are not as high profile as other vehicles." That's not to say that 3dCarbon is get- ting out of its core business of creating sizzling designs for muscle cars. In fact, at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, the company joined with longtime partner Air By keith turner MEETS MUSCLE CAR ACCESSORY PRODUCER 3d Carbon is FLEXING ITS DESIGN PROWESS IN the new- model truck market

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