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20 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | January 2015 Design to show off an all-new 2015 "Boy Racer" design built for Ford's new, super- hot Mustang model. The stunning design created quite a stir at the show and is cer- tain to be a hit with buyers of the new street rod as it rolls out in the coming months. In addition to the Mustang, 3dCarbon also showcased a variety of new truck designs that helped attract attention to its newly expanding target market. "This year we took a little different approach by bringing a 2015 Chev- rolet Silverado, Toyota Tundra and 2015 Ford F-150 to SEMA," Bunnell says. "All the new sheet metal models are coming out now and we could see that it was a perfect time to create a market for those because they will create some legs by being around for a while." Bunnell points out that new-model trucks now sport technology that makes them just as comfortable and easy to operate as a car, aiding the market's ability to continue its aggressive growth. "With fuel costs coming down and appearing to continue to do so, the truck market will be huge—especially in the Midwest and in the northern states where they are driven year-round," Bunnell says. "The muscle car is more of a spring market. Trucks have always been more of year-round market, but especially for models with full-wheel drive because they offer more functionality. It's a market that we were destined to grow into. We studied the trends and did the homework and then set out to create the products that would best serve the customer base." The result of 3dCarbon's endeavor when muscle meets 4X4 PHOTOS PROVIDED BY TRUCK ACCESSORIES GROUP (TAG) ford F-150

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