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32 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | January 2015 INDUSTRY LEADERS: Q&A (RTA): What products are important for our readers to stock in 2015? (JS): We suggest continued focus on market execution. We believe stocking and advertising our products and brands will continue to fair favorable. These brands include AVS, Lund and AMP Research. 2014 COMPANY HIGHLIGHTS: Hellwig just added 10,000 square feet and invested in new equipment that improves our processes. (RTA): How did the market within your segment perform in 2014? MELANIE WHITE (MW): We had a great year for tow and haul products with our load and sway control in 2014. The truck market really seems to back in full swing. (RTA): How do you expect your market segment will perform in 2015? (MW): We expect to have a strong year in 2015. We have some great plans in the works for the tow and haul market. (RTA): Are there any particular trends or changes that will affect your market seg- ment in 2015? (MW): There are some great new ve- hicles that are hitting the market: The Colorado and the new F-150, as well as the new Mustang. They all offer great new vehicles for us to put our products on and enhance the performance. A.R.E. ACCESSORIES (RTA): What are some challenges restylers within your market segment face in 2015? (MW): New vehicle technologies always pose a challenge, but they also offer op- portunities. The new electronic stability control on vehicles has been a challenge for suspension companies. It caused us as a company to do some testing, which gave us very favorable results. We found that our sway bars helped lifted vehicles handle better throughout testing. (RTA): What are some ways restylers within your market segment can boost business this year? (MW): Add-on sales are always an area to grow. Use key items that sell well and think of items to add to those sales to enhance the customer experience. For example, our sway bars are a great per- formance and safety addition for anyone towing and hauling, but customers often think of load control first and forget about the sway control. A salesperson could use this as an opportunity for an add-on sale and a happier customer be- cause they are getting both their load and sway control problems solved. 2014 COMPANY HIGHLIGHTS: 2014 was a busy and successful year for A.R.E. One major highlight would have to be the introduction and success of our 2015 F-150 project truck. We released the truck at SEMA and it was a big hit. The hellwig products Photo provided by A.R.E. Accessories MELANIE WHITE vICE PRESIdENT ANdY CLuTTER MARkETING MANGER 32 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | January 2015 Photo provided by N-Fab

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