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Page 37 of 48 January 2015 | Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies 35 AAMP OF AMERICA ARLON 2014 COMPANY HIGHLIGHTS We completed the integration of the In- traphex brand of navigation and backup camera interfaces into the world class AAMP of America family of products. We are excited to see the progression of the Intraphex products with the addition of the research and development team here at AAMP. (RTA): How do you expect your market segment will perform in 2015? BRAD CHAPPLE (BC): I fully expect our market segment to continue to grow by leaps and bounds in 2015. Restylers and expeditors alike are continuing to evolve with new products and services to provide profitable solutions to the market segment. (RTA): Are there any particular trends or changes that will affect your market seg- ment in 2015? (BC): In 2015 we will continue to see a shift in the backup camera market. With more vehicles coming standard with a backup camera from the factory, resty- lers and expediters will not be shut out of the business of adding cameras. The new frontier is making the factory in- fotainment systems more intelligent by adding safety and convenience products like blind spot awareness cameras, front mount cameras and cargo cameras inte- grated into the existing factory screen. (RTA): What are some challenges re- stylers within your market segment face in 2015? (BC):Restylers and expeditors have to continue to reinvent themselves in the electronics integration category in 2015. Infotainment systems are evolving, but OEMs are still leaving gaps for opportu- nity in our market segment, but if you're not careful those gaps can be easily overlooked. (RTA): What are some ways restylers within your market segment can boost business this year? (BC):Spend the time to educate your- self and your sales staff on solutions that are available for your customers. Next, capitalize on the safety and convenience category that is emerging. Embrace and grow it in 2015 and your profitability will soar as well. (RTA): What products are important for our readers to stock in 2015? (BC): Most import products to stock are in the safety and convenience category of products. Our Intraphex line of OEM camera integration interfaces and backup cameras, iSimple's vehicle specific and uni- versal Bluetooth integration products for hands-free calling and media streaming and our latest line of PAC interface mod- ules for radio replacement and backup camera integration are the most popular and profitable products for our customers in the coming year. 2014 COMPANY HIGHLIGHTS Arlon Automotive is a part of Arlon Graphics, which built a completely new facility in Placentia, Calif., in 2014. The new facility is double the size and state- of-the-art equipment has replaced many of the old production lines. We are a whole new Arlon going into 2015. (RTA): How did the market within your segment perform in 2014? RITCHIE DAIZE (RD): Arlon Automo- tive launched a new series of restyling films at the end of 2013 called Ultimate Premi- umPlus. 2014 was Arlon's open- ing year for this product, and due due to our color selection and grass roots marketing ap- proach, the automotive restyl- ing community responded well to help lay down a solid founda- tion for the years to come. (RTA): How do you expect your market segment will per- form in 2015? (RD): The color change mar- ket is still in its infancy. Resty- lers that include color change in their set of services will see steady growth for the next few Photo provided by iSimple Solutions BRAD CHAPPLE DIRECTOR Of OEM AND ExPEDITER SALES RITCHIE DAIZE AuTOMOTIvE BuSINESS DEvELOPMENT MANAGER January 2015 | Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies 35

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