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36 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | January 2015 INDUSTRY LEADERS: Q&A years as consumers become more aware that this unique and fashionable restyling option is available and affordable. (RTA): Are there any particular trends or changes that will affect your market seg- ment in 2015? (RD): Color and finish are the trendset- ters in this market. Arlon Automotive is set to launch new colors and finishes in 2015 that will give the color change in- dustry new options and products that have been trending since 2013. Some of the industry's top installers have been 'backyard engineering' new combinations of finishes, colors and me- dias. Arlon Automotive has listened and will be launching products that answer the finishes that these trendsetters are creating. (RTA): What are some challenges restylers within your market segment face in 2015? (RD): We need the general population of drivers to see color change with all of its benefits as the restyling option that best expresses their style and protects their investment. Getting this message to the consumer is our biggest challenge. (RTA): What are some ways restylers within your market segment can boost business this year? (RD): Public awareness is key. Arlon Automotive has participated in many of the leading national and international acclaimed auto shows as well as local re- gional shows and has advertised in many restyling publications. We urge restyling shops to be active in their community by attending local car shows, rallies and oth- er events to keep the spot light on color change wraps. (RTA): What products are important for our readers to stock in 2015? (RD): Arlon has a full line of restyling films that range from carbon fiber tex- tures to matte and gloss finished colors. All of our colors replicate true automo- tive colors and finishes. These are the films that will convince customers that color change is all about fashion and paint protection. These are the films that are a must have for your readers in 2015. 2014 COMPANY HIGHLIGHTS We signed on R. Lee Ermey, AKA The Gunny, as our official celebrity spokes- person. In his own words, he is now part of our team and is such a natural fit for our brand, especially when you understand that the en- tire Jeep enthusiast market stems from the Jeep's mili- tary history. (RTA): How did the mar- ket within your segment perform in 2014? HENk VAN DONGEN (HVD): The Jeep segment of the aftermarket did very well in 2014. As long as omix-ada Jeep continues to produce and sell the JK Wrangler, the market continues to grow at a rapid pace. With new enthusiasts joining the Jeep lifestyle every day, our customer base is always expanding. (RTA): How do you expect your market segment will perform in 2015? (HVD): We expect strong growth of the Jeep and offroad market to continue through 2015. We are constantly devel- oping new products from our Rugged Ridge and Alloy USA brands for the cur- rent Jeep Wrangler to keep up with the growing demand for new and innovative Jeep products. (RTA): Are there any particular trends or changes that will affect your market seg- ment in 2015? (HVD): The most major change in the market will occur when the redesigned Jeep Wrangler is introduced in the next 18 to 24 months. Most of the products are a continuation on the current JK Wrangler platform, but we are seeing a larger group of do-it-for- me consumers coming into this market. To capitalize on this trend and to help our re- tailers address those needs, we developed complete restyling packages for 2007-15 JK Wranglers. It's an easy way for our end users to upgrade their Jeeps without hav- ing to go through all of the guesswork of which products will work together and how those parts will look on their Jeep. (RTA): What are some challenges re- stylers within your market segment face in 2015? (HVD): The biggest challenge is keeping up with the changing wants and tastes of the customer. Consumers want to have something unique, and if they see their neighbor with a similar Jeep, they want something different to personalize their vehicle to make it their own. Our restyl- ing packages are therefore not only easily available, but they can also be used as a guide for many of the different looks that can be achieved with our products. (RTA): What are some ways restylers within your market segment can boost business this year? (HVD): Don't just focus on the high- est spending customers that can afford a full conversion all at one time. There are plenty of do-it-for-me consumers out there that want to add $15,000 to Photo provided by Omix-ADA HENk VAN DONGEN DIRECTOR Of MARkETING 36 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | January 2015

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