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Page 23 of 48 FEBRUARY 2015 | Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies 21 Omix-ADA, mAker Of the ruggeD riDge brAnD, hAs expAnDeD intO the Jeep mAr- ket with A resOlute fOcus On prOviDing A wiDe ArrAy Of prODucts. cOmpAny leADers sAy its Only the beginning, As the OffrOAD leADer iDentifies new mArkets AnD AppeAls Directly tO the OffrOAD restyler mArket. One segment with great potential and just waiting for restylers to show up and do some proper min- ing is the Jeep enthusiast market. Similar to vehicle customization, Jeep is a lifestyle. Knowing how to approach its massive depth is criti- cal. Enter Omix-ADA, one of the world's largest independent whole- salers of Jeep parts, accessories and floor liners. With more than 15,000 different, all-encompassing Jeep restoration replacement parts and accessories, Omix-ADA is in position to help restylers diversify their product allotment with of- froad accessories. Omix-ADA, producer of the Rugged Ridge brand, was founded in 1992 to export U.S. Jeep parts to the Middle East. The company grew aggressively through 2005, when consumer demand encour- aged it to expand from offering just hard parts to also include Jeep accessories. The company now works with retailers in more than 60 countries worldwide and main- tains a large inventory with a retail value exceeding $75 million. The company currently utilizes two large complexes—one located Georgia and the other in Kansas City—that each ship more than 16,000 skews. Omix-ADA is currently in the process of moving into a new 255,000-square-foot facility in Suwanee, Ga., which is more than double its current space. The move should be completed by mid- March. "Our continued growth neces- sitated the move to expand to our current location. We have grown from less than 100 people to more than 130 full time employees at the end of 2014," said Henk van Dongen, director of marketing for Omix-ADA. "The new loca- tion helps us expand our capacity to process and ship more orders on a daily basis as well as further increase our product inventory to better support our customers. We are also increasing our R&D space and added an in-house photo/ video studio. In addition, we're creating a location to house our Jeep collection, which currently consists over 30 vehicles." The company has achieved dou- ble-digit sales growth for the past few years, van Dongen says. Omix-ADA utilizes nine in- house engineers to produce its own parts and accessories. The company also performs rapid pro- totyping of its products in house, a move that saves time and mon- ey, while providing Omix-ADA more control over the quality of its product, van Dongen says. Today, an offroad accessories shopper can purchase all but only a few factory parts for their Jeep through Omix-ADA. The com- pany's product array includes the Jeep drivetrain, body modification accessories and chassis ranging ve- hicle applications from 1941 to 2015. "You can pretty much build a jeep from our products," van Don- gen says. With so many parts and acces- sories available, there's bound to be a number of them ideal for restyling upgrades and modifica- FEBRUARY 2015 | Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies 21

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