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30 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | FEBRUARY 2015 the opposite side of the building, where he entered a loading dock area and picked out a bedliner that was correct for our truck. Then we proceeded to a well-lit shop in the design engineering depart- ment where Williams and Har- vey quickly installed the bedliner. While he was working, Williams gave us the history of PendaForm Tim Williams does a test fit of the tailgate panel. The factory was definitely not a truck accessory shop set up to do installs and we pictured ourselves driving 120 miles back home with a new bedliner sticking out of the rear of the F-150. Enter Tim Williams and Tom Harvey, who is a design engineer for PendaForm. Williams directed us to drive our truck around to Tim Williams loads the drill he used to drill holes to install the tailgate liner. Tom Harvey and Tim Williams li the slide-in bedliner and install it in the Ford F-150 Crew Cab. gift certificate for nearly too long. A week or two before the prize was about to expire, we decided to visit PendaForm on our way back from the Muscle Car and Corvette Na- tionals in Chicago. Still thinking we were going to a truck accessory shop, we called ahead and talked to a receptionist who said it would be fine to stop by the Monday af- ter the car show. When asked if we could make an appointment to get the bedliner installed, the woman seemed a little bit surprised. "We'll deal with that when you come here in person," she said. When we arrived at the Penda- Form Corp. headquarters, we im- mediately realized we were a little off base in our thinking. The com- pany has a 290,000-square-foot plant in Portage, of which about 50 percent is utilized for manufac- turing and 50 percent for storage. The storage areas contain prod- ucts, as well as vehicles and parts used for conducting research and development. 30 Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies | FEBRUARY 2015

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