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Page 37 of 48 FEBRUARY 2015 | Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies 35 FEBRUARY 2015 | Restyling & tRuck AccessoRies 35 Photos provided by ModBargains that spooky place where a business hovers between online and brick-and-mortar retail op- erations. Many think there is a well-defined area between both business models and a firm must abide by one or the other to succeed. Turns out, that line of thought is wrong and a shop by the name of ModBar- gains is proof. Imagine merging a warehouse that churns retail orders out in ma- chine gun-like fashion with a shop where cars are upgraded, repaired and transformed into each owner's dreams. This is the ModBar- gains business model. The company, lo- cated in the Southern California city of La Habra, has been fulfill- ing online accessory orders and restyling rides since 2005. January was its 10-year anniversary. Spend any time with Mike Brown and Ron Hay, co-owners of ModBargains, and the word "enthusiast" often is mentioned. They use the word to refer to the market in which they serve, and it also describes how both men and the employees on staff feel about working with cars. "One clue into how all this works is in the mission statement of ModBargains," Brown says. "Our mission is to fuel the pas- sion of automotive enthusiasts by sharing our expertise, experience and enthusiasm for modifying vehicles. This is all in an effort to empower them to enjoy their vehicles at their maximum poten- tial." The mission seems to be working. Brown and Hay expect the business to grow revenues by 25 percent this year, similar to its 2014 growth. ModBargains offers accessories from more than 100 brands for all major car applica- tions and Jeep, selling everything from per- formance upgrades— like exhausts, intakes, tuners, suspensions and brakes—to wheels, lighting and cosmetic exterior enhancements. About 85 percent of the shop's revenue derives from its online operations, with the remainder pulled in through the brick-and- mortar shop. Only 850 square feet of ModBargains' 13,000-square-feet facility is dedicated to a retail showroom. While the company does sell product off the shelf, so to speak, the space is more akin to a warehouse than a retail showroom. The physical space is kept clean and simple. The 3,000-square-foot shop area includes four lifts and offers plenty of room for the company Co-Founders Ron Hay (center) and Mike Brown (center right) stand with the ModBargains staff of car "enthusiasts."

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