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34 n Performance & Hotrod Business n March 2015 PERFORMANCE The Word on Muscle Cars We threw our sources a curveball and asked them to use one word to describe what muscle car owners want from their local shops and explain why. Graves' word is trust. "They have to trust you with their car and their money," he says. "It's not cheap to build these cars and it takes a lot of time as well. If the customer trusts you with his car and money, you will have a lifelong customer." "I would have to say service," notes Adams "And, that's not limited to actual installation and labor, although that fits in there as well. Truth of the matter is, the days of having a speed shop on every cor- ner are quickly dwindling. Online stores have taken a large piece of the retail pie, so to speak. And much akin to the quick mart on the corner, they are baited with all the necessities to help you spend your dollar quickly. But, where's the personal service associated with the sale? Where's the follow up with the customer? Where's the personal interaction? "While these online outlets aren't all bad, because they do allow the end-user to find a limited amount of information and compare pricing, they do keep the con- sumer out of their local performance shop a lot of the time," he continues. "But there is still a lot of value in actually being able A Pro-Touring kit for first- and second-generation LS-powered Camaros. (Photo courtesy American Powertrain) Enthusiasts are driving their muscle cars now more than ever, requiring quality products that keep it an enjoyable experience. (Photos courtesy COMP Performance Group) Technology found in the late-model OEM market is influencing today's trends in the muscle car market—fuel injection, A/C, power disc brakes, nice stereos, even cruise control are becoming more and more prevalent on restorations and the revitalization of muscle cars and hot rods. (Photo courtesy COMP Performance Group)

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