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36 n Performance & Hotrod Business n March 2015 PERFORMANCE And there's also the uniqueness of every build. "I'd say it is most difficult for shops to offer solutions to customers that are total solutions that work in conjunction with other products from other brands," says Holley's Burnett. "As a manufacturer, it isn't cost-effective to test our prod- ucts in conjunction with all of the other components that an enthusiast might install. However, we have been striving to develop some amazing new header-back exhaust solutions that offer the benefit of a perfect fitment solution when installed with swap components from Holley and Hooker Headers." To make money, you need to sell things. Here are some products playing well with the muscle car crowd. "The introduction of our Thumper line of hydraulic roller cams has received rave reviews from muscle car enthusiasts everywhere," notes Jay Adams, performance account manager for COMP Cams, part of the COMP Performance Group. "We believe that there are several reasons for this. For one, we believe that every person out there that has an L-79 Nova, a 400 GTO, a 340 Challenger or a 302 Boss Mustang, all want theirs to be 'meaner' sounding than all of the others. They also want to be able to drive their cars more often and without worry. So, bringing modern-day hydraulic roller valvetrain tech- nology to this market, along with the 'rowdy' sound associated with the 'baddest-of-the-bad' street cars of yesteryear, allows us the opportunity to let the customer have his (or her) cake and eat it too." The COMP group will also soon release its new LT/LS hybrid performance cylinder head, Adams says, that will feature the increased horsepower benefits of the new LT platform cylinder head, and will bolt onto any existing LS-based engine. "Add to that the introduction of our FAST EZ EFI 2.0, along with some of the other requests we get from our customers, and it comes back to that desire to get these cars out (of the garage) more often and drive them farther." Blane Burnett, marketing and P.R. coordinator for Holley Performance Products/Hooker Headers, highlights the new line of Blackheart exhaust solutions from Hooker. "Blackheart is the new nameplate under which we will be releasing all of our 304 stainless steel headers, axle-back and cat-back exhaust systems," he says. "We are excited to launch this new line with products that suit the current fifth-genera- tion Camaro platform and the 2011-'14 Mustang GT, as well as other popular platforms for GM LS engine swaps." Matt Graves, marketing manager of American Powertrain, singles out "our Pro-Fit 6-speed transmission kit. We sell a lot of TREMEC 6-speed transmissions with our bolt-in kits for muscle cars. People are really wanting to step up to the double overdrive for mileage and power-handling capabilities—espe- cially now that you can order 700 hp from a catalog and bolt it in your car." And JJ Furillo, street performance manager for JRi Shocks, points to the company's Double Adjustable Pro-Touring/ Autocross suspension system "We've had a number of high-profile wins with this system and it is used by many of the biggest names in autocross racing including Danny Popp, Brian Hobaugh, Kyle Tucker, Mike Maier, Jake Rozelle and the winner of the inaugural USCA points championship, Ken Thwaits," he says. Show Some Muscle Make quality a key component of the product you offer. (Photos courtesy Holley Performance Products)

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