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March 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 37 Best to Come Lastly, we asked why our sources are optimistic about the long-term health of the muscle car market. "The market has shown rapid growth in recent years across a broad spectrum of participants," Furillo says. "It's no longer an 'old man's game,' as many young com- petitors are taking an interest in building and competing in their own muscle cars, which indicates a promising future for the industry." Adams points out that while there's still a place for the old, noisy, cantankerous hot rods of yesteryear, "much of the technology found in the late-model OEM market is influencing today's trends in the muscle car market. Fuel injection, A/C, power disc brakes, nice stereos, even cruise control are becoming more and more prevalent on restorations and the revitalization of muscle cars and hot rods. With the Big 3 automakers all seemingly finding their way back to building real muscle cars, it's a sure sign that those enthusiasts with an appreciation of those earlier models will undoubtedly tune their desires toward similarly equipped final projects." Graves refers to the special place these vehicles have in our culture. "Muscle cars are part of the fabric of America. They will never go away. They may have ups and downs, but as long as we have roads and fuel, they will be forever popular." Burnett agrees. "For decades, people have been fear- ing government crackdowns with regard to the automobile. Ever since the OPEC days back in the 1970s, manufacturers have been developing ways for us to generate the horsepower and torque that we've all enjoyed in our muscle cars over the last 50 years. The American muscle car is a piece of Americana that nothing will stop. That's why vehicles like the Hellcat Challenger, Camaro Z/28 and the new Ford Mustang GT350R are still showing up in the mar- ketplace today and making more power than ever with much cleaner emissions. Long live the muscle car!"

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