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March 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 45 PHB: What got you interested in the automotive aftermarket? VW: A police officer who gave me a choice of working on his race car or be arrested for doing rollback burnouts in a gas station using brake fluid to make smoke. PHB: That's an awesome story Vic! PHB: How did you end up in the posi- tion you have today? VW: A headhunter found me. I feel very lucky and grateful for the opportunity. PHB: Tell us about your company and its place in the performance aftermarket. VW: Aeromotive is the industry-lead- ing manufacturer of high-performance fuel system solutions. We make a wide variety of fuel-related products, including fuel tanks, fuel pumps, fuel regulators, fuel rails and fuel fittings. PHB: What's a typical day like? VW: It starts with a Starbucks! I try to visit with all staff members for a minute each morning, then I settle down to the email, texts, etc. I like to keep up with industry happenings, so I visit the web- sites that cover such developments. I have various staff groups to meet with as well as keeping a watch on what is happening with sales, orders, production, etc. PHB: What's the best thing about your job? What makes it special? VW: I have always enjoyed the indus- try relationships and the friendships that come from regular interaction with our customers. PHB: What's the biggest challenge with your position? VW: Finding enough time to get every- thing I want to get addressed and done in an acceptable timeframe

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