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March 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 57 we understand what needs to be done to get the look of an authentic steel body from a fiberglass car. And we build them to last for generations." American Gasser is "currently building a Pro-Touring Willys body that will feature a slightly wider rear track," Siradakis adds, "along with an entirely new proprietary chassis built specifically for a Pro-Touring- style vehicle. And we recently developed a complete gasser chas- sis for the 1959 Corvette that we have in-house. This car will also be our test platform for a '59 Corvette Pro-Touring chassis. We have always loved the '59 Corvette, and thought it would make an amazing plat- form for a straight-axle gasser. And based on the inquiries we have received so far, I think we have a winner." Thinking of Underpinnings American Gasser offers bodies, three stages of rolling chassis, and turnkey builds in traditional gasser and Pro-Touring styles. "Right now the majority of our inqui- ries are for full turnkey builds," says Siradakis. "We've heard so many night- mare stories about people who have bought a body, then a chassis, and then an engine, and then become overwhelmed when they try to tackle the project on their own. And of course the car is never completed. Most people want to enjoy their new vehicle as soon as possible." The proprietary chassis are currently handling up to 1,100 hp and can be fab- ricated to match the theme of the vehicle "We can deliver a show-quality, no- weld look, or give you a nostalgic bead on each piece of steel." American Speed, says Loewengruber, "started offering the body only, but con- sumer interest quickly led us to rolling chassis packages and then to complete turnkey builds. Along the way we have expanded our product options to include grilles, door and window handle kits, defrost louvers, door dovetails, wind- shield-wiper kits, custom shorty mir- rors, dashboard instruments and many other amenities." Goodmark Products of Atlanta has released full factory-style quarter panels for the '70-73 Firebird. (Photo courtesy Goodmark Products)

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