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March 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 69 Just Modified Beyer promotes Hot Rod High with a Ford pickup, a woodie and a go-kart. These vehicles are representative of the kind of stuff built in the Hot Rod High program. The woodie wagon was the last car his students did. It's a 1929 Model A Ford. The students did a 1930 Model A and a person who saw it said, "Boy, I'd sure like to have one like that." So he found one and the students restored it. The goal was not necessarily to restore a car, but to build it the way the owner wanted it. This car's owner wanted a surf woodie. So, rather than doing the typical two-tone, black fendered and tan Model A, the class used bright colors like sunflower and banana yellow. The car has a surfboard mounted on top and really neat wheels. However, it still has its original four- cylinder Ford flathead. Beyer feels, "this makes it cool because it's not butchered— just modified." An important factor behind the success of the Hot Rod High program seems to be that Fred Beyer is a good promoter. He is a professional performer and has an act that he takes on the road called the Piano Beach Party. His props include a piano on wheels, a surfboard, a beach umbrella and sometimes old cars and trucks. Fred is also the Green Bay Packers' official banjo player and he has a Dixieland group called the Bourbon Street Firehouse Jazz Band. Music has always been incorporated into Hot Rod High and it was an integral part of the program when he ran it. "I always had a piano in the shop," Beyer says. "I integrated rock 'n' roll and '50s music with the stuff that I was teach- ing. The kids would see the piano and want to know what I could play. They would ask if I could play them a tune that day and my answer was always the same. I said, 'You get the shop cleaned up in time and I'll play.' Well, you never saw kids clean so fast as when they wanted to sing. We wrote songs in class; we did engine identification songs and an oil change song and we had lots of fun with it." ORIGINAL, COPPER, GRAPHITE BLACK, & CARBON FIBER EXHAUST INSULATING WRAP Call ( 800 ) 274-8437 or visit for a FREE CATALOG, technical support or a distributor near you. LOWER THE HEAT... CRANK UP THE PERFORMANCE!! HI-HEAT COATING TM RMANAGE HEAT RINCREASE PERFORMANCE RRACE PROVEN REASY INSTALL!! ALSO AVAILABLE IN A KIT!! MADE IN THE USA

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