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March 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 73 Vehicle Storage Shelter CarCapsule, Indianapolis, introduces the Showcase, an ultra-premium vehicle storage shelter and the next evolution of CarCapsule technology. The luxury Showcase seals the vehicle away from dings, dust, dirt, corrosion, mildew, musty odors and pests, while presenting it in a show- quality display, yet never touches the vehicle. Showcase is supported by heavy-duty, resilient inflatable air columns, and features a front panel that zips open and away, allowing the vehicle to be driven in or out. The side panels zip open as well, providing easy walk-in access. Switch panel Watson's StreetWorks, Nashua, New Hampshire, offers its GT4D Modular Switch Panels, designed to allow all switching to be done from a single custom panel. The brushed finish on the billet aluminum can be left alone or anodized and engraved. The three-position switches come in either momentary or on-off-on and are rated at 5 amps. Relays are available for heavier loads. LED lights can be added above and below each switch in a choice of colors. The panels are 1-3/4-inches tall. The length varies depending on how many switches are needed; toggles are 5/8-inch tall. Dividers can also be added. StainleSS Steel braided hoSeS Classic Tube, Lancaster, New York, offers StopFlex stainless steel braided hoses for late-model Mustangs, Camaros, Chevy trucks, Ford Focus, Jeeps and other applications. Custom racing applications can also be made from provided specifications for almost any race car, truck, or other vehicle. The hose kits are exclusive to Classic Tube and feature factory-style brackets for quick, easy installation. They are DOT-approved for both street and racing applications. metric ValVe breaker Ken-Tool, Akron, Ohio, presents its T38B Metric Valve Breaker, designed to remove valve stems quickly from smaller 10mm valve stem holes, which are common on heavy-duty aluminum and alloy wheels. The valve breaker features a specially designed, heat-treated, 9mm-diameter steel punch, which allows it to remove nickel-plated, steel and brass valve stems from aluminum, alloy and European style wheels without contacting the rim. The T38B is 45 inches long and weighs 16 pounds. waSte oil tank controller Husky Corp., Pacific, Missouri, offers the BJE Kaltey Commander Tank Controller, an automated system that utilizes a float switch mechanism to alert a waste oil tank control device when the day tank level is low. The control device activates a high or low tank monitor that automatically starts a diaphragm pump to add waste oil to the day tank, then stops the pump at the proper fill level. The Kaltey Commander incorporates a second valve control system to protect against accidental overflows. autocroSS Steering wheel GT Performance Products, Burbank, California, introduces the GT Pro-Touring steering wheel. The modular-design wheel features a genuine leather "baseball stitch" with finger grips; the spoke design was created to allow the spokes to be removed and the grip can then be custom-wrapped to match the vehicle's interior. The GT Pro- Touring is also available with a genuine mahogany grip. The tiered spokes are fastened with genuine aircraft-style rivets for a serious competitive appearance.

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