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March 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 85 Mustang Oil AMSOIL, Superior, Wisconsin, introduces its Signature Series 5W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil for high-horsepower Ford Mustang engines requiring the Ford WSS-M2C931-C performance specification. Designed to provide anti-wear protection, the oil is fortified with a robust additive package, including top- quality detergents and dispersants to help prevent sludge deposits and keep engines clean. It withstands the stress of high horsepower and heat, resisting viscosity loss due to mechanical shear and maintaining protection in metal-to-metal contact regions. Progressive Nitrous Controller Nitrous Express, Wichita Falls, Texas, offers its Maximizer 4 Progressive Nitrous Controller. The nitrous controller operates one or two separate stages of nitrous, based on either time, rpm, mph, throttle percentage or boost pressure. It works on naturally aspirated or forced induction, gasoline or diesel engines, and has multiple progression options to cover a variety of racing types. Subwoofer Amplifier KICKER, Stillwater, Oklahoma, presents its PXA500.1 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier that mixes high power and low current draw with an ultra-small chassis to add vital bass to audio systems while retaining a vehicle's classic look. The brick-sized amp fits easily into muscle cars for a modified sound system setup. It is easily hidden from plain sight and forgotten until needed. WE DON'T JUST INSURE CARS. We insure garages, too. Grundy. Inventors of Agreed Value insurance. Protecting collectible automobiles since 1947. Car restoration and construction is expensive and tricky. But insuring your business against loss need not be. Grundy now offers our legendary protection not just for the products America's automotive shops produce, but for the shops themselves. We understand the liabilities you face not only when you build a car, but also when the proud owners of your creations put them on the road. We protect your garage, the cars you are working on, your tools and equipment, and the building and its contents with "All Risk" property policies. So call Grundy today and protect your business, yourself, and your customers. e insurance experts at Grundy can economically cover your liability for accidents or negligent workmanship. 866-338- 4006

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