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April 2015 n PRECISION ENGINE n 17 chEvy valvE covErs PML Inc., Inglewood, California, offers Valve Covers that provide a vintage look for Chevrolet 348/409 engines. The covers feature classic Chevrolet script to dress up Impalas, Bel Airs or any muscle car with the W-motor. PML valve covers are traditional sand castings and the fins and script are raised. Heavy-duty walls add strength and thick gasket flanges create a secure seal. A half-inch more height than stock adds clearance for roller rockers, and they are made in the USA. nEw ring Packs Total Seal, Phoenix, introduces a new set of Ring Packs that feature 1.1mm, 1.1mm, 2.0mm ring sets available for most bore sizes ranging from 4.000-inch bore through 4.250 inches. The packs feature the AP steel top ring, ductile iron Napier second rings (in most sets where available) and a new oil ring set. Oil rings will be available in standard low- and high-tension configurations. The sets will feature shallow radial depths. The ring packs are suitable for normally aspirated as well as turbo, forced induction and/or nitrous applications. crank triggEr sEnsor guard Crane Cams, Daytona Beach, Florida, presents its Crank Trigger Sensor Guard, a simple-yet- effective device that protects the crank trigger pickup sensor from racetrack debris. The vulnerable trigger sensor is now installed within a thick-wall aluminum billet sensor guard housing, providing a 360-degree shield of protection. The guard can withstand severe impact that would have normally damaged or broken the unprotected pickup. Designed with a standard 3/4-inch -16 UNF thread that fits most pickups, it also serves as a jam nut for tightening the sensor. Big-Block honing MachinE Sunnen Products Co., St. Louis, Missouri, presents its SV-20 Honing Machine with a new linear servo-stroking system that delivers the power to drive multi-stone diamond tools for OEM-quality bore geometry on automotive/truck blocks, cylinder liners and similar large parts. Features include computer-controlled spindle and stroke control, developed specifically for race shops, production rebuilders and fleet maintenance facilities. The machine accepts blocks as large as the Cat 3126 inline six, Ford 7.3 -liter V-8 and "mountain motors" with deck plates. EnginE tEst stands Easy-Run Engine Test Stands, Riverside, California, presents its Engine Test Stands for starting-up and testing engines before they are installed in a vehicle. The high-quality, fully adjustable stands are engineered for universal applications and made available with a variety of mounts for quick and easy setup of most domestic and foreign engines. An adapter kit enables mounting of automatic transmissions, and the rugged, welded steel tube frame is proven to safely handle 1,000-plus-hp engines. They are available preassembled with a variety of options. c7 corvEttE intakE Manifold Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, Brighton, Michigan, offers a liquid-to-air intercooler Intake Manifold for turbocharged or centrifugal supercharged 2014-'15 C7 Corvettes with the LT1 engine. Featuring an innovative, low-profile design that fits with a stock C7 hood and integrates neatly into the engine compartment, the two-piece aluminum manifold has an integral intercooler core that provides reduced pressure drop, increased power output and reduced weight. Provisions for port fuel injectors allow for additional fuel delivery.

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