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April 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 101 Blast of Bright When I asked car builder Kevin Tetz and other shop owners about their dream light setup, many of them gave me the same answer. Big Ass Lights are made by the same people who make Big Ass Fans. I took its Garage Light for a test ride in my shop and was totally unprepared for the blast of bright light that filled the space. What I liked best about it was the pure light. It didn't have a blue cast or a yellow tone; it was a very color-friendly, middle-of-the- color-spectrum, brilliant light. In fact, when compared to my old T8 fluores- cents, the Big Ass Garage Light was much brighter and the color was very white. These premium LEDs deliver 13,000 lumens of 5000K color temp light, ensur- ing you'll never again need extra lights while at the workbench or looking under the hood. High-quality construction employs a single piece of extruded alu- minum for strength. A patented ribbed fin quickly dissipates heat, protecting the LEDs, drivers and other electronics. Know what you are buying, as inex- pensive LED fixtures may use low-quality poured molds that trap air, retaining heat longer and causing premature dimming of the LEDs. Another great feature of these lights is the occupancy sensor. This is a $40 option that turns your lights on, down and off automatically, which maximizes energy savings. Big Ass also makes several other models of LED lights for use in shops and ware- houses. Its Low Bay LEDs are great for ceilings up to 20 feet and are available in 10,000-lumen and 14,000-lumen models with 4000K and 5000K options available for both lumen outputs. They have a light output up to 108 lumens/watt. Its High Bay lights are great for ceilings over 20 feet and have a light output of 110 lumens/ watt. All Big Ass Lights last up to 150,000 hours, blowing away the latest 60-100W equivalent LED bulbs, which typically last 20,000 to 35,000 hours. That's nearly 70 years at six hours of daily useā€”four times longer than the average fixture. And they are estimated to maintain 70 percent of initial light output for up to 150,000 hours. These LEDs outperform metal halide and fluorescent fixtures; they're more effi- cient, start up faster and last longer, as well as being very durable. The Spray Gun Light And last, but certainly not least, new technology lighting is not limited to ceil- ing, wall, or floor light fixtures. Lumaiii has found a solution to a problem that has always plagued automotive and motorcycle painters. The problem? Lighting up the dark and shadowed areas that booth lights don't effectively illuminate. The Lumaiii Aurora light is incredible. I have been using it for two months now and it has substantially improved the visibility of the surfaces as I paint, providing convenient color-match- ing and easy visual recognition of the cen- ter of the spray pattern. The light puts out 500 lumens and its 4600K color temperature is perfect for color-matching, as it's not too blue. That means yellow does not look green. So, do your research before you buy. Find the best fluorescent or LED bulb and fixture for your shop situation. It's very easy to find out everything you need to know about what lighting product to use. Most of the websites for LED replace- ment bulbs have plenty of information about what fixtures they fit, the watts used, the color temperature, kind of light and the energy savings. JoAnn Bortles is an award-winning custom painter, airbrush artist, weld- er/fabricator, tech writer, and pho- tojournalist with over 30 years of experience in the automotive indus- try. She is the author of seven books on automotive, motorcycle and custom painting. Her work has been featured in numerous automotive and motorcycle publications, NBC News, The Today Show, MuscleCar TV and Motor City Masters. She also serves on SEMA's SBN Select Committee. JoAnn owns Crazy Horse Custom Paint.

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