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PERFORMANCE Why the market is down with diesels. 24 n Performance & Hotrod Business n April 2015 Well-rounded shops can offer diesel customers the parts and service they're looking for. (Photo courtesy TITAN Fuel Tanks) Heavy-Duty Momentum By John Carollo T alk about your popular markets— today's diesels are creating heavy-duty buzz in performance circles, from street to strip. That translates to sales for those following this not-so-niche segment. To help educate shops on the potential of diesel service and sales, we reached out to sources regarding growth potential, mis- conceptions, regulations and the future of the diesel performance market. Their optimistic responses show there's plenty to love when it comes to dealing with these trucks (and cars!). So let's get rolling with our look at diesel performance. Learning Curve Let's start by clearing the air on diesel. Just what are the biggest misconceptions when it comes to professionals in this market? "That anyone can do it," says Ivan Snyder, account sales for Fluidampr. "For new shops, it can be quite a learning curve keeping up with shops that have been around for a while. Quality, experienced shops often begin from a passion where self-taught business owners develop their knowledge and skills from being active in the industry, running at local tracks, test- ing and tuning their vehicles, trying or cre- ating new products, etc. Ultimately, it is this passion that made successful business owners who they are today." But conquering that learning curve is definitely an attainable goal, notes John Marsteller, market research specialist for Mishimoto. "One of the main misconceptions would be component replacement com- plexity," he explains. "Diesels are difficult to understand and require expertise and training to repair, right? Well, not entirely. While they are very different from gas counterparts, informing yourself about

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