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April 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 25 diesel repairs and upgrades is a pretty approachable learning curve. The infor- mation is out there if you want to learn, and these trucks are rather easy to work on once you've had some time under the hood." Brian George, CEO of Sinister Diesel, believes that shops that don't see the big picture regarding the industry and their customers will find themselves struggling. "Not long ago, many shops believed that if they sold a customer a tuner and DPF delete, they were a performance die- sel shop," he says. "Those days are gone. Offering a full range of the latest high- performance parts that meet emissions standards will be the key to business growth this year. While the government is implementing stricter pollution controls, consumers are demanding greater perfor- mance gains. Shops that meet all of those needs will succeed." Mike DeFord, marketing director for TITAN Fuel Tanks, reminds shops to take a big-picture overview of the market as a whole. "Many are too narrowly focused, while the market is huge and growing," he says. "Shops need to be more well-rounded, offering any service they can to any cus- tomer and not focusing only on one mar- ket segment." Today's diesels are creating heavy- duty buzz in performance circles, from street to strip. (Photo courtesy Mishimoto) As long as OEMs continue to grow and develop diesel applications, there will be performance enthusiasts looking to take these power plants to the next level. (Photo courtesy Fluidampr) (Photo courtesy Fluidampr)

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