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26 n Performance & Hotrod Business n April 2015 PERFORMANCE Speaking of the old days, David Monyhan, national sales manager for Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders, suggests the biggest misconcep- tion still out there is, "that all diesels are low-rpm, dirty, smoky, non-performance types of engines used only for construction or farming." And Rob Scharfenberg, chief engineer at Fuelab, tackles the perception that cus- tomers believe that the cheapest product is always the best. "There are a lot of foreign-made parts that are inferior quality, so they install those parts and then the customer wants it replaced two weeks later, which costs the shops labor," he explains. "What use is installing cheaper parts when they fail and have to be replaced?" Ramping Up When it comes to ways to increase your diesel performance business, Marsteller starts with involving yourself in the local market. "Involvement is a huge deal for these customers. If you aren't involved with the community, you will be invisible to the masses. Joining in on some online discus- sions, posting about new upgrades and products and releasing in-depth informa- tion will launch your reach (and hopefully sales) into the stratosphere," he predicts. "If you can connect with customers on an enthusiast level and prove your knowledge Understanding the diesel market does involve a learning curve, but experts say it's more than worth it for shops. (Photo courtesy Fluidampr) Joining online discussions, posting about new upgrades and products, and releasing information will help shops connect with diesel consumers. (Photo courtesy Mishimoto) Diesels have a whole new vernacular, as well as clearances and other specifications that regular gas engines do not. (Photo courtesy Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders)

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