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28 n Performance & Hotrod Business n April 2015 PERFORMANCE information about what can and cannot be sold or installed as well as how products can or cannot be modified so they are legal to sell. We're here to help with that kind of information. But to really stay current, shops need to take it upon themselves to read trade publications and websites with relevant information. That way, they can provide their customers with up-to-date information regarding purchase and instal- lation of the best-performing, emissions- compliant components." Monyhan says, "I would join AERA for starters, as the tech guys at AERA are pretty sharp on the diesel stuff. I would also make it a point to read and Google all I could to educate myself on this diesel market." When it comes to off-road, non-street- legal competitions, Scharfenberg points to racing sanctioning bodies such as DIESEL Motorsports/NADM as allies. "Fuelab is the official fuel system for NADM, and their rules are free on their website. Make sure when trucks are brought in that you are well-versed on the rules and can make sure their truck meets all SFI rules and regulations for the classes for competition." With the number of new trucks on the market, it's impossible not to be optimistic about the future of the diesel aftermarket. By partnering with reliable, service-oriented companies, even the smallest shop can leverage the talents, skills and assets of leading manufacturers and suppliers. (Photo courtesy Sinister Diesel) (Photo courtesy TITAN Fuel Tanks) Diesel upgrades require quality parts that can handle rugged applications. (Photo courtesy Fuelab)

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