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April 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 29 When it comes to the street stuff, "other organizations can help regarding under- standing rules and regulations regarding laws, such as SAN (SEMA Action Network) that not only tracks legislative efforts, but helps lobby for the automotive aftermar- ket," he adds. DeFord also sees associations as a place for information. "SEMA provides the market with vir- tually anything and everything you could ever want to know regarding automotive- based laws, regulations, as well as market research and more. As an association, many people only see them as the guys that throw an amazing trade show, but the real- ity is that SEMA provides so much more." Again, Snyder says it comes down to you. "Educate yourself by working directly with the governing agency because ulti- mately you may be responsible for any violations. No matter where you person- ally stand on issues, the best way for the industry moving forward is to be actively involved as a unified group. Voice your concerns, influence the regulation process and at least we'll have a say." Marsteller notes that it starts locally. "Emissions regulations continue to restrict both stock vehicles as well as after- market modifications for (diesel) trucks. For more information about modification legality, we highly recommend you check specific state regulations regarding allow- able alterations." Look at them Grow Looking forward, what's the growth potential in the diesel performance mar- ket? Goodson's Monyhan is thinking long-term. "I believe it will be around for a long time," he says. "Right now, people think it is all new to the scene, but if you look over at the NTPA circuit, you can tell right away that high-performance diesel has been brewing for some time, which tells me that diesel has a great future." Fuelab's Scharfenberg agrees. "Diesel performance products will have a continued and increased pres- ence in the aftermarket," he predicts. "As time goes on, continued development of aftermarket diesel components ensure the increase in desirability for these vehicles. Diesel trucks will be used for many years to deliver goods for our consumption and those truck owners are enthusiasts who want individual upgrades for their diesel vehicles. It's a rural lifestyle that is growing each year." TITAN's DeFord refers to the opportu- nity to reach brand-new enthusiasts just entering the market. "Provide products that produce a broader use of the truck," he says. "With As time goes on, continued development of aftermarket diesel components ensure the increase in desirability for these vehicles. Most Advanced Superchargers • Highly Effective Intercooling Simple, Bolt-On Installation • 20 Years of Innovation & Leadership THE MOST POWER PER POUND OF BOOST Bolt on the coolest charge air temperatures and the largest power gains with industry leading Intercooled ProCharger technology (913) 338-2886 • INVENTED, ENGINEERED AND MADE IN THE USA 1994–2014 1994–2014

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