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30 n Performance & Hotrod Business n April 2015 PERFORMANCE the new half-ton trucks the market is wide- open, as there are new customers that may not have owned a diesel truck before." Fluidampr's Snyder gives a historical perspective. "Performance motorsports used to be thought of as a classic muscle car crowd, but continuous growth over the past 10 years—and growth today at both the per- formance and OEM levels—has shown a commitment to diesel engines. As long as OEMs continue to grow and develop die- sel applications, there will be performance enthusiasts looking to take these power plants to the next level." Mishimoto's Marsteller also believes that the last decade of diesel growth is a good indicator of future success. "Now, vehicle owners can have a modi- fied truck that can perform on the job- site, pick up the kids from school and run 13s in the quarter on the weekend. Who wouldn't want that? Even the younger generation of gearheads seems to be turn- ing in their Honda keys in exchange for a smoke-billowing diesel. In short, these trucks are a complete blast to drive and modify, and are completely livable and use- ful on a daily basis. The diesel market has a bright (although clouded from rolling coal!) future that we can only expect to improve over the next few years." For proof, Sinister's George says look no further than the supply side. "From more trucks being manufac- tured with diesel engines; to easier access to diesel fuel; to greater availability of high- performance, high-technology parts that meet emissions standards; all signs point to growth in the diesel market. While it's impossible to say with certainty what will happen in the coming years, it seems safe to say that the outlook is positive." Shop Talk With all our sources looking at the future of diesel in such a positive light, why should shops be optimistic regarding the long-term future of the diesel performance market? Scharfenberg says it's about numbers. "(Look to) regular maintenance for (Photo courtesy TITAN Fuel Tanks) Diesel Products Here are some hot products to keep an eye on in the diesel performance market: " Fluidampr performance diesel dampers for 5.9-liter Cummins applications. The 5.9-liter is highly sought after for its performance capability, durability and avail- ability of parts. Naturally, when building up an inline-six diesel, one of the first components to be upgraded is the stock elastomer-style harmonic balancer in favor of a viscous style, like Fluidampr. Viscous dampers are common in the everyday, high-output diesel engines that move our economy." —Ivan Snyder Fluidampr " Since hitting the diesel market last year, our entire line of products has been extremely successful and well-received by our customers. We've listened to our customers' wants, needs and requests to create the products they desire. So far, our 6.4-liter Power Stroke line of products has been stealing the show. We offer a broad spectrum of products including an aluminum radiator, silicone coolant hose kit, replacement thermostats, a massive intercooler, and a very slick inter- cooler pipe and boot setup. With a full line of products, we are able to cover the entirety of 6.4-liter Power Stroke coolant and CAC needs." —John Marsteller Mishimoto " It has to be our new Black Smoke series of carbide seat cutter blades. These blades were developed by Mondello Racing engines exclusively for Goodson. By their design, they will increase low-lift airflow, increase torque, as well as increase the efficiency of the combustion process." —David Monyhan Goodson Tools & Supplies " The hottest product that we have in the diesel market is the Fuelab 200-gph fuel system, for Dodge Cummins applications. Our customers are not only looking for simplicity of installation, high reliability and excellent filtration, they demand performance. The system not only provides high flow capacity, but superior pressure control under high demand." —Rob Scharfenberg Fuelab " Naturally, I can't give away secrets about upcoming parts for 2015, but I can tell you that R&D is non-stop at Sinister Diesel. This year, we'll be releasing even more high-performance components that incorporate cutting-edge technol- ogy and meet or exceed emissions standards, all while dramatically increasing performance." —Brian George Sinister Diesel " Our XXL mid-ship replacement fuel tanks that provide as much as double the fuel capacity of the stock tank. As hot in the marketplace now are our 90- and 100-gallon in-bed transfer tanks." —Mike DeFord TITAN Fuel Tanks

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