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April 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 31 those who are keeping these diesel vehicles long term. Diesel trucks last three-times longer than gas trucks. Plus, the newer trucks are coming out even stronger and more powerful, so a few items can be added that will make them perform much better for the enthusiast." Marsteller agrees on the OEM factor. "The diesel market will continue to expand as manufacturers battle to create the most powerful and efficient trucks. Additionally, several manufacturers are releasing lighter-duty, diesel-equipped trucks. This opens a whole new side of the diesel market and we are very excited to see how these trucks are received. In short, as long as manufacturers continue to bring us new trucks, the performance aftermarket will be alive and thriving." DeFord agrees. "Look at the new half-ton trucks from Dodge, Nissan, soon to be Toyota, and the introduction of the Chevy Colorado Duramax. With the number of new trucks on the market, it is impossible not to be optimistic about the future of the diesel aftermarket." Snyder says there's also room for cre- ativity, allowing diesel outlets to make their own mark on the industry. "Shops and enthusiasts that have the ability to innovate will help grow the mar- ket," he explains. "So often, we see compe- tition events and customer requests spawn new ideas to test. Once validated, industry contract manufacturers can help finalize engineering and scale production runs." George says one of the great things about the diesel market is the wide range of opportunities. "Companies large and small have to think big picture," he believes. "Shops that only offer a few specialized parts will begin to disappear, while those that stay ahead of both customer and regula- tory demands will continue to grow. The nice thing for smaller shops is that by partnering with high-quality companies like Sinister Diesel, they can leverage the industry's best research, development and production resources. "The keys for any company will be offering products that provide cleaner and more efficient methods of boosting perfor- mance and power while meeting, and even anticipating new regulations and emissions standards," he adds. "We're here to help shops of all sizes do just that." And finally, Monyhan reminds every- one not to forget the competition aspect of the diesel market, which also seems poised to grow. "Pulling and drag racing, as well as mud-boggin'. It should be interesting to see if any dirt tracks or other roundy- round types of race tracks offer any diesel classes." Offering a full range of the latest high-perfor- mance parts that meet emissions standards could well be a key to business growth this year. (Photo courtesy Sinister Diesel)

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