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April 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 37 Its best features include … … a much firmer durometer than the fac- tory rubber mounts, offering improved handling and traction. Energy Suspension polyurethane is formulated to provide higher tensile strength and to be tear-resis- tant. It is also resistant to harsh chemicals and will not rot or dry out. The biggest misconception shop professionals have regarding Polyurethane components is … … that some bushings are difficult to install. With the proper equipment, they may be as easy as removing the suspension component itself. Another misconception is that they are noisy; they squeak. They could, if not greased or installed properly. New technology is affecting the Polyurethane market for aftermar- ket shops by … … Energy is always testing and improv- ing different formulas; incorporating multi-durometer bushing designs so they are durable yet compliant. Another is improving the heat tolerances for drive- train mounts. A great tip for shops to increase Polyurethane component sales is … … make sure the customer is aware there is an alternative to OE rubber replacement bushings. Many rubber bushings are bonded in a fixed position, limiting suspension articu- lation or movement. Polyurethane bush- ing designs are preloaded and free-floating, allowing the suspension to function more efficiently without premature failure. Also inform the customer that there is an option to replacing the hard parts—steering rack, control arm, etc.—by simply replacing the worn bushings instead of replacing the com- plete hard part, which is a huge cost savings. Polyurethane components can provide a much firmer durometer than factory rubber mounts, offering improved handling and traction. (Photo courtesy Energy Suspension)

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