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April 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 39 Poly Performance / Synergy Manufacturing San Luis Obispo, California Dave Schlossberg CEO Our hottest Polyurethane product for 2015 is … … the new Synergy Manufacturing pat- ented Dual Durometer Bushings (DDB). Its best features include … … a maintenance-free, greaseless design; self-centering with 30 degrees of misalign- ment; outer soft durometer acts as bush- ing cushion and flex material while inner durometer and Teflon lining acts as the bearing surface to allow free-floating inner sleeve to rotate, providing for a mainte- nance-free, zero-bind bushing. Other features include an internal bushing ring that separates inner and outer materials to prevent inner sleeve gapping at extreme flex; a direct replacement avail- able for OEM Clevite-style lower control arm bushing; bushings available for all suspension components (control arms and track bars made by Synergy MFG), as well as many other companies; and the bush- ings are sold complete with inner sleeve installed. The biggest misconception shop professionals have regarding Polyurethane components is … … that rubber is superior over polyure- thane products. Below are four bullet points on why polyurethane is superior to rubber: • Can be engineered to have higher tensile strengths and load bearing ratings; • Available in a wide range of durom- eters (hardnesses) depending on the application; • Has far superior cut, tear, wear and abrasion resistance; • Paramount chemical and ozone crack- ing resistance. New technology is affecting the Polyurethane market for aftermar- ket shops by … … making it more readily available and for more OEM applications. A great tip for shops to increase Polyurethane component sales is … … really understand why polyurethane is different from rubber, and obtain a full understanding of the bullet points above. Bushings are avail- able in a wide range of durometers (hard- nesses) depending on the application. (Photo courtesy Poly Performance/Synergy Manufacturing) (Photo courtesy Poly Performance/Synergy Manufacturing)

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