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April 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 81 April 2015 n PRECISION ENGINE n 1 Editor's note: this is the fifth and final installment documenting Mike's Mopar 499 build. Parts 1-4 can be found in the April 2014, July 2014, October 2014, and January 2015 issues of PHB. I fully realize that we've stretched this Mopar 499 build project over five install- ments, but there was quite a bit of ground to be covered in order to provide the full details of the build. While we've done our best to pro- vide all of the information in the pages of Performance & Hotrod Business, there's only so much page space available in any given issue. With the engine finally fully test-fitted and assembled, it was time for the real- world dyno test. Since Koffel's Place II was our location for the block machining and crank balancing work, it only made sense to take advantage of its engine dyno facility. Koffel's specializes in all things Mopar. It's located in Huron, Ohio, a stone's throw from the southern shores of Lake Erie. Once I delivered the engine to Koffel's, it was fitted with its dyno drive plate and wheeled into the dyno cell. The first order of business was to prime the engine with 30W oil to make absolutely sure that oil was delivered to all bearings and to the rockers, prior to firing our virgin engine. The plan was to first run the engine with one of Koffel's known-good Holley carbs, breaking in the new flat tappet cam and allowing the rings to seat. Following the initial break-in run, the oil and oil filter were removed and inspected, (luckily with no signs of any concerns). Mopar 499 Project Part 5: Blasting past 650 hp. Build, text & photos By Mike Mavrigian You can always continue to tweak for more power, but we easily yanked 657 hp and 642 foot-pounds of torque out of this relatively straightforward build, certainly enough for street or strip enjoyment.

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